Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our New Life in Mt Isa

I've been here for four weeks now and am slowly adjusting to living in the middle of no where. The heat for one thing really hit me, especially when our air conditioner wasn't working so well. Trying to rock a cranky four month old baby to sleep, in 33 degree heat at night, is not fun. And people tell me it gets a lot hotter!! Having moved from Stanthorpe, know to be one of the coldest places in Queensland, it was a huge change. But let's just say, I'd choose frosty nights and mornings over this heat any day. Bring on winter!
The other big change is the house we are renting. I mentioned to a lady I met at playgroup the other day, that our house wasn't the most ideal house (we couldn't be too picky as it took us seven weeks to get a place). Her response was that there is no such thing as an ideal house here. Good to know we aren't the only ones.
I've figured since we will be living here for for at least one year, we should make over the yard to make it as kid friendly as possible. I'm thinking vege patches and Vayda's swing and a nice outdoor setting for BBQ's. A friend suggested this would be the perfect "Dirt Girl World" project to keep the kids busy. Fletcher has now woken up from his sleep, but I'm looking forward to sharing our very own dirt girl world updates! X.

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